Our Story


​BCE Student Voice was initiated by the BCE Student Protection team in 2017.  We began with a deliberate focus on enhancing students' sense of safety, belonging and connection in BCE Schools.  Research confirms that students learn best when they feel safe, included and connected to their school community. 

We found ourselves coming back to 3 key questions:​

  1. What do students need to feel safe and included at school?   
  1. What are the key challenges that students face on a daily basis?  
  1. How do we involve students in creating safe, inclusive and engaging learning communities?  

To find out the answers to these questions we went to the source, our students.  This is how the BCE Student Voice initiative began. Moving into the future, we believe that partnerships with students are vital to creating innovation, resilience and hope within the BCE education system.  

​​Join us in recognizing the transformational power of student voice. 

​Our Journey

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