Our Staff

​​​​​Meet the team behind the BCE Student Voice initiative. We work with students and staff to create safe and inclusive learning communities.  We know that safety, belonging and connection are critical to students thriving and flourishing.   


Alison-Jefferies.jpgColin O'Neill

​​Manager Employee Relations & Student Protection

Colin has been in Catholic education for over 20 years, and since 2011 with BCE. The dynamic and challenging nature of employee relations and student protection drive and energizes Colin. Colin genuinely gets joy out of work that he does and the people he works with and that through this he is able to contribute to the learning of students in BCE schools. 


Carolyn-DeWitt-Royall.pngCarolyn De Witt-Ryall  

Senior Officer and Student Voice Project Manager 

Supportive   ​


Strengths Focused   

Carolyn is a social worker who is committed to creating safe, inclusive and connected communities for children and young people.  She believes that children and young people have the right to participate in decisions that impact on them. Carolyn believes that by combining the wisdom and experience of students and staff, we can transform the education system making it even better and more student focused. 


Renee-Devereaux.pngRenee Devereaux   

Student Protection Officer and Student Voice Project Leader 

Child Focused  


Systems Thinker  

Renee is a social worker who is passionate about promoting social justice and equality across all levels of society.  She has loved working on the Student Voice initiative since it began in 2017.  Renee jumped at the chance to be part of the initiative given its focus on enabling students to be involved in decisions that affect them and providing opportunities to co-create safer and more inclusive communities where all students can thrive and achieve their learning and life goals.  

Cyndie-Mandile.pngCyndi Mandile 

Student Protection Officer and Student Voice Project Officer 




Cyndi is a dedicated social worker who has worked extensively with children and families and specialises in child protection.  She has substantial experience in all aspects of the child protection system, having worked across government and community services in Canada, the UK and Australia.  Cyndi is passionate about the safety and wellbeing of children and young people and her ease in relating to others is an asset in achieving these important outcomes.    

Vicki-Holding.pngVicki Holding   

Student Protection Officer  

Relationship Focused​​  

Great sense of humour  

Great communicator  

Vicki is a social worker with substantial experience in child protection services as well as supporting and mentoring others in this area.  She is great at helping others to learn because she is an engaging storyteller with a knack for making complex matters easy to understand.  Vicki is quick to form connections with others.  These are strengthened by her dedication, hard work and reliability as a team member and student protection consultant.    

Victoria-stark.pngShannon Page

Student Protection Officer  

Culture focused

Open Communicator


Shannon has worked in Child Protection throughout Queensland and the U.K. Prior to this she worked in church ministry and adult education settings, and is excited by transparent and healthy leadership and culture. Shannon has spent more than a decade volunteering and supporting youth and young adults to navigate the exciting and sometimes overwhelming years of teenage-hood and early twenties. She is passionate about children and young people knowing their rights and supporting families and communities to be as safe, healthy and inclusive as possible.    

Nadia.jpgNadia Van Elswyk

Student Protection Advisor


Relationships focused

Strengths based

Nadia is an experienced practitioner in the child protection field working in service delivery roles directly with children, young people and their families as well as in senior practice, team leadership and review & consultancy roles.  

She enjoys forming connections and engaging others collaboratively to get an understanding of the whole picture from different perspectives and building on people's strengths.  Nadia is passionate about child protection and for​        children to have a voice in what makes them feel safe & included.

Sanja.jpg Sanja Cabjk

Student Protection Advisor




Sanja is a social worker with over 15 years experience in working with children and families in the context of child protection, youth justice and Family Law. She has substantial experience in all aspect of the child protection system and particularly enjoys working across differences, coaching, mentoring, and building respectful relationships that support children, young people and their families reach their full potential. 

kim profile.jpgKim Harrison

Administration Service Officer




Kim focusses on supporting the team and being pro-active to help them achieve their goals.  She works best in team environments and enjoys seeing projects come to life.​

DRigo.jpgDianna Rigo

Administration Service Officer




Dianna is o​rganised and likes to make a positive difference to the people she encounters. She enjoys working collaboratively with the team to provide a quality service and seeks solutions to  problems as they arise.