BCE Student Voice Project Team


Renee Devereaux (Project Leader) ​

Renee is a social worker who is passionate about promoting social justice and equality across all levels of society.  She has loved working on the Student Voice initiative since it began in 2017.  Renee jumped at the chance to be part of the initiative given its focus on enabling students to be involved in decisions that affect them and providing opportunities to co-create safer and more inclusive communities where all students can thrive and achieve their learning and life goals.  



Carolyn De Witt-Ryall (Project Manager) 

​Carolyn is a social worker who is committed to creating safe, inclusive and connected communities for children and young people.  She believes that children and young people have the right to participate in decisions that impact on them. Carolyn believes that by combining the wisdom and experience of students and staff, we can transform the education system making it even better and more student focused. ​