BCE Student Voice Consultants


BCE Student Voice Consultants are a team of students from Year 7​ to Year 12 who are passionate about making positive changes in BCE schools.  The team advocates for students to have a say in the decisions that impact on their school experience and guide the BCE Student Voice initiative. ​

Meet the BCE Student Voice Consultants ​​​​for 2022!


Vicky - Hey guys! My name is Vicky. I’m in year 11. I spend a lot of my time blasting music and painting on my bedroom floor as well as reading/writing in my free time. I’m very pas​sionate about speaking up for people who don’t have the opportunity to speak for themselves and strive to be a ‘safe space’ for everyone around me. I wanted to be a consultant so that I could be more active in my community, helping people who usually wouldn’t be considered. I wanted to make an impact in my community and thought the student voice committee would be the perfect place to start. I would like to have made at least one major change in my school or community and would love to make more friends across the consultants for this year.  

Alyssa - Hi all, my name is Alyssa. This will be my second year as a Student Voice Consultant. I joined student voice to be a voice for my peers and to be heard. I believe that students have the right to improve their education and I am hoping to be a messenger for them. My interests include musical theatre, netball, music and academic extra-curriculars. I’m extremely passionate about my schoolwork and extra-curricular activities and I always strive to be the best me I can be. I hope to help our education system become a happy and safe school environment for all students in 2022 and beyond.

 -  Hi there! My name is Angel and I’m in grade 10. I enjoy Performing Arts such as dance, spending time with friends and family and listening to music. I have a strong passion about being a person anyone can come to at any time for help, sympathy or just to spend time with. In my first year of being a consultant I learnt and improved on multiple skills that have helped me tremendously. Not only did I improve on myself, but I’ve met likeminded people who I can now call my friends. My hopes and dreams for Student Voice are that we can see some sort of outcomes from all the hard work we will put in this year. 

Angela Hello everyone my name is Angela, and I am from year 8. I have a hobby of drawing and I also just recently started playing the guitar. I also used to play the viola. At school I love all of my subjects, but I’ve got to say that Visual arts and Math are the best out of all of them. When it comes to the others around me, I love making sure everyone is happy and included. As an empathetic person I would love to see everyone enjoying and expressing themselves at school. This is why I have decided to become a Student Voice Consultant. I would love to see what wonderful things 2022 has to bring for all of us! 

Hello, my name is Bomi, this will be my first year as a consultant, which I am proud to be. I am in Year 7. I usually do sewing, drama, play and listen to music, and netball in my spare time. Things that I value include human rights, mental health, general health, and knowledge. I know that being a Student Voice Consultant will help me meet new people and learn about different perspectives and opinions. I strive to help make school as enjoyable as possible. I believe that student voice and wellbeing is just as important as the education curriculum. I want to help students feel safer asking for help in their school  community so they have a more positive school experience. 

Hi, I’m Brooklyn and I am really looking forward to being a Student Voice Consultant! I enjoy dancing and participating in a sport called Physical Culture. I am looking forward to student voice because I want to be a part creating positive change in BCE schools. I am really excited about meeting new people and hope to increase student wellbeing in BCE. 

Charli -Hi, my name is Charli, I’m in year 7 and I love drawing, reading, and writing. I love to write my own stories. I love school which is why I decided to become a Student Voice Consultant. I want to help make schools a better place for all students. I hope that in the coming years student voice will help school safer and more enjoyable for all students! 

Hey! I’m Danni I’m in year 9 and this is my first year as a Student Voice Consultant! I have an interest in baking, camping and reading (I read most while camping). I am passionate about making sure everyone feels safe and is included no matter what differences they may have. I chose to be a consultant to help my peers have a say in making positives changes to the education system. I also want to share my ideas on improving BCE schools. I hope that student voice in BCE reaches and inspires even more students to have a say about their education and be part of creating a positive change in their communities.   

Ethan - My name is Ethan. I am a Year 10 student and a proud Student Voice Consultant in BCE. My interests include researching and looking into social and political issues around the world. Understanding how the world works has always interested me. I am passionate about Catholic education that is inclusive, engaging and equitable for all students. I wanted to be a part of the student voice initiative because I think that it is essential students be given the opportunity to have input into their education. I want to be able to advocate for my peers who aren’t as confident in using their voice to be heard. I look forward to and am very excited to start deep diving into student voice and making a difference.

Hey there, my name is Grace. I enjoy drama, cooking and anything creative. I’m passionate about helping others, making change and using my voice to stand up for those who feel they can’t. That’s why I’ve become a Student Voice Consultant. My hopes and dreams for Student Voice are that all students across BCE schools feel heard and acknowledged. I want all students to feel safe and excited to go to school and want them to enjoy their education.

​​​Hayley - Hello everyone! My name is Hayley, and I am in year 11. I am super excited to a BCE Student Voice Consultant! My passions include basketball, acrylic painting, philosophy, academics and creating a brighter future for BCE students present and upcoming. I signed up to be a consultant to work towards being the change I want to see in the community. Through my participation in BCE Student Voice, I hope to make a positive change to school communities so that students prosper and thrive. I am very excited to focus on improving student mental health and wellbeing; and building better communication between students and staff. Developing a secure network so that students ideas and concerns are heard and we can understand how to help students achieve their goals and aspirations is very important to me.  

Indi- Hi! My name is Indi and I’m in year 8. I love reading, fantasy books are my favourite. My favourite subject is English which helped me develop my passion for writing. I decided to become a Student Voice Consultant because I believe everyone deserves to have their voices heard and the opportunity to share their opinions. My hope is that students will feel confident enough to express their feelings or concerns about school more openly without worrying so much about being judged. I also hope that students will be able to find more positive experiences in their schooling life.   

bella - Hi, my name is Isabella O’Neill, and I am in Year 7. I adore playing netball as I have been a part of the Queensland representative team for 2 years! I am confident, a bit loud, crazy, and I love expressing my opinion and helping people out! I like to swim, dance, and talk to friends! I am so proud and honoured to be around such an amazing team of Student Voice Consultants. I am incredibly happy that I have been chosen to be a Consultant. I have always wanted to contribute to positive change in my community and now I have an opportunity to do so. I really hope that the Student Voice Consultant team can make a positive change in BCE and broader community!

 Lucy - Hey everyone! My name is Lucy, and I am in grade 10. I love writing narratives, reading and hanging out with my family and friends. I am ​very passionate about dancing. I am also very passionate about every BCE student having a voice at their school and enjoying school as it is one of the most memorable experiences in a student’s life. I am an empathic person, and I am always willing to lend an ear when a problem arises. This is why I love Student Voice! I hope that student voice will help every student (current and future) feel safe, comfortable and heard in their school. I believe students can make a positive difference and the BCE student voice program can help everyone! 

​​Shraddha - Hey guys! My name is Shraddha, and I am in Year 7 this year! I am very excited to become a BCE Student Voice Consultant! I am very enthusiastic, creative and put lots of effort in everything that I do. I love to dance, study, sing, play, cook, play sports, read and write. My family and I are very dedicated to well-being. I am very passionate about inspiring others and make them believe in themselves. I decided to be a BCE Student Voice Consultant so I can make BCE schools a better place for everyone. I wanted to share my ideas and collaborate to make them even better! I wanted to be the voice for the voiceless and be the person who people come to when they need it. I wanted to help myself and others accept themselves for who they are and be their best in the future. My hopes and dreams for Student Voice is that we succeed in making a positive difference in BCE schools 

Sophie - Hello, my name is Sophie and I’m in Year 7. My interests are reading, snorkeling, rock-climbing and writing. I’m passionate about caring for our earth and making this world the best it can be. That is why I applied to be a Student Voice Consultant. I wanted to use my voice to make this world a better place, which means starting small, in our school communities. My hopes are that as a team we achieve our goals, make a positive change, empower voices, work together, have fun and enjoy this amazing opportunity. My dreams for student voice are that we accept each other for who we are and take action to create better school environments. I can’t wait for the times ahead. 

Tatijana - ​Hi, my name is Tatijana, and I am in year 11. I play 5 sports and coach 2 teams. I am from New Zealand. I am so passionate about teamwork and making sure everyone has their say. I believe it is so important that we are open-minded and encourage everyone to get more involved in creating their future. This is why I wanted to be a Student Voice Consultant. I wanted to be part of a team that contributes to the well-being and growth of future young leaders. I hope to create more opportunities and options for the youth community to have their say about how their learning environment should be. 

Peer Mentor/Alumni

BramHey everyone! My name’s Bram and I am in year 12. I’ve spent the last two years as a Student Voice consultant and am super excited to continue my time in the program as a peer mentor! I love all things arts, especially drama and am playing Coach Bolton in my school’s production of High School Musical this year. I can’t wait to start working with the new team and guide them in making 2022 another amazing year for BCE Student Voice! 

EmilyHi my name is Emily and this year I’m thrilled to be volunteering with Student Voice as an alumni member. Currently I’m undertaking a Bachelor of Education at Uni however am blessed to still be able to be a part of the magic with the team. Student Voice to me is not only about our voices but it’s also ensuring that we as students have a say our education we have first-hand experience of the system.  I’m more then excited to see where this year leads us, and I can’t wait to work alongside the rest of the Team! 😊 

IndigoHey everyone, my name is Indigo.My interests comprise of music - including a variety of instruments - the arts, general academics and co-curricular academics. I am passionate about many things, including writing and composing, but overall being able to express myself with these passions. That’s why I wanted to be a student voice peer mentor; to be able to give students the opportunity to express themselves with what they find most comfortable and most passionate about. To be able to enjoy their education and school experience. My hopes for Student Voice moving forward are to be able to boost students’ confidence and help  them feel safe doing so. By achieving this, I believe schools will be much more enjoyable, they can be places where students can reach their full potential




Keira Hi, my name is Kiera! I love to travel and discover new places, which is why I'm also very interested in learning other languages! I'm passionate about learning about different cultures and using everyone's strengths to benefit a common goal. I wanted to be a Peer Mentor because this looked like the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded people and create change. As a Student Voice Peer Mentor, I hope to use everyone’s skills and talents to achieve this year's goal.   

LouieHey everyone! I’m Louie. I’m love learning new things, which got me passionate in music (guitar, piano, saxophone, drums), business (entrepreneurship, marketing), graphics (video-editing, graphic design, animation, photography), media (youtuber, fashion), mind-challenges (solving Rubik’s-cubes), sports (table tennis) and definitely, Student Voice. I am honoured to be a BCE Student Voice Peer Mentor as I love empowering others to become agents of change in their communities. Not only does this program develop my leadership, communication, and organisation skills, it is also a genuine opportunity for teamwork. I believe  Student Voice is a platform for conveying student ideas and thoughts to BCE executives, resulting in safer, more inclusive, and engaging schools for all students.  

Teagan-  Well hello there! My name is Teagan, and I am so glad to be continuing my journey with the Student Voice Program, this year as an Alumni member. For my last two years of high school I was a keen member of the Student Voice team. I wanted to continue working with incredible BCE students to make positive change BCE schools. This year I’m taking time to work on my independence, experience full time work before starting Uni in 2023. I love student voice and am so glad to continue my work with a new team of consultants.  ​