BCE Student Voice Consultants

BCE Student Voice Consultants are a team of students from Year 8​ to Year 12 who are passionate about making positive changes in BCE schools.  The team advocates for students to have a say in the decisions that impact on their school experience and guide the BCE Student Voice initiative. ​

Meet the BCE Student Voice Consultants ​​​​for 2021!


Picture1.pngAlyssa - Hi all, my name is Alyssa. This will be my first year as a Student Voice Consultant. I joined student voice to be a voice for my peers and to be heard. I believe that students have the right to improve their education and I am hoping to be a messenger for them. My interests include musical theatre, netball, music and academic extra-curriculars. I’m extremely passionate about my schoolwork and extra-curricular activities and I always strive to be the best me I can be. I hope to help our education system become a happy and safe school environment for all students in 2021 and beyond.

 Picture2 (2).pngAngel - Hey guys! My name is Angel. I enjoy spending my time with friends, dancing, jamming out to music and playing sport. I have a strong passion for staying true to myself and others throughout every obstacle I face in life. I want to always be the person people to come to and rely on at any time. I wanted to be a Consultant because I saw this as a perfect opportunity to meet new people, share ideas and connect as one. One thing I want to ultimately accomplish this year with student voice is making a beneficial change for schools under BCE. 

 Picture3.pngAngus -  Hello, my name is Angus. I’m someone who enjoys getting involved with my school community to create a positive impact. My favourite subjects are Math, Chemistry and Fitness. In my spare time I like to play the guitar and listen to music. I am very passionate about inspiring people to better themselves and help them believe they can do it. Another concept I am passionate about is ‘paying it forward’ as I believe it is important to give back when you receive. For this I love participating in volunteer work and have been doing ever since I was in primary school. The reason I wanted to become a Consultant was because it is a way that I can give back to the BCE community through volunteering my time to collaborate, share ideas and help those ideas become a reality. One thing I want to see and what motivates me is to be a part of the SVC is I want everyone to feel as though they can have a connection within a social group. So they can share their thoughts, concerns and ideas with one another and feel accepted​.  

Picture13.pngLouieHey everyone! I’m Louie. I’m continuously interested in learning new things, which got me passionate in music (guitar, piano, singing, song writing, composition), business (entrepreneurship, marketing), graphics (video-editing, graphic design, photography), media (youtuber, fashion), mind-challenges (solving Rubik’s-cubes, STEM), sports (table tennis) and definitely, Student Voice. The BCE Student Voice Consultant Program not only develops my leadership, communication, and organisation skills, but is a genuine teamwork opportunity to act as the voice for all students. It is always a delight to speak for the unvoiced students in BCE who truly desire to be heard. I am confident that Student Voice is capable of conveying ideas and thoughts to BCE executives, resulting in safer, more inclusive, and engaging schools for all students

Picture4 (3).pngBram - I love all things to do with the arts, although I'm a drama kid at heart. My other interests include reading, playing instruments and watching films. I am also very passionate about political issues and helping others. This is my second year as a consultant, and I wanted to continue working with the team because of how much fun I had in 2020. I also want to continue working towards making our BCE schools a better, safer place for students. I hope that this year the Student Voice team can continue improving our schools and help students to feel heard.  

Picture10.pngIndigo -Hey everyone, my name is Indigo. My interests comprise of music - including a variety of instruments - the arts, netball and general academics and co-curricular academics. I am passionate about many things, including writing and composing, but overall being able to express myself with these passions. That’s why I wanted to be a student voice consultant; to be be able to give students the opportunity to express themselves with what they find most comfortable and most passionate about. To be able to enjoy their education and school experience. My hopes for Student Voice moving forward are to be able to boost students’ confidence and making them feel safe doing so. By achieving this, I believe schools will be much more enjoyable, they can be places where students can reach their full potential.

Picture5.pngBrayden -I love to interact with my school’s community to create a better learning environment. In my free time I enjoy playing video games and sport, although I also enjoy getting out of the house and participating in dirt bike riding and gel blasting with mates. I believe that every person is different and that not one has the same goals and beliefs. That is why I am extremely passionate about helping people to realise their potential and worth, especially to be inclusive and participate in many things. Although I do not see myself as a leader, I have been told many times that I do contain the aspects of one. I would love to be able to communicate with a wider community of likeminded individuals as we may have a similar mindset and passion. I think that everyone should participate and give everything a go, therefore I wanted to be a consultant. What I would like to gain out of this role is a feeling or achievement and strive for success of both past and future goals​. 

Picture6 (2).pngCaitlin - Hello. My name is Caitlin. Some of my interests include studying 19th century social history and reading. I decided to sign up for the 2021 SV committee because I hope to make a difference in the schooling experiences of my peers, if not myself. My hopes for student voice are to make it a more widely known thing and a more approachable subject.​.   

Picture7.pngCharlotte - Hello! My name is Charlotte, and I am an enthusiastic and hardworking student. I’m optimistic and logical, I also love people. I like working with others and any kind of teamwork. Some of my hobbies include playing and coaching netball, reading, making, and listening to music. I wanted to become a Student Voice Consultant so I could put my teamwork skills and passion for others to a good cause. As a 2021 Consultant I hope I can make a difference for all students and become someone that people will look up to.  

Picture8.pngHayang - Hey y’all! My name is Hayang, and I am very excited to be a Student Voice Consultant for 2021. I think that this is an amazing opportunity for me to use my voice, as well as the combined voices of the team, to improve our schools, which are places where our minds are in the making. As you can probably tell, I love everything to do with social justice, and find interest as well as necessity in wanting to improve the Earth - a very big goal I know - and I think that starts in our schools. On a more personal level, I love art and music and spend most of my free time playing my guitar or sketching anything in view. As a BCE Student Voice Consultant, I hope to have positive dialogue with the rest of the group and understand topics from a new perspective..  

Picture9.pngOlive - Hello! My name is Olive. My main interests include making art, socialising with friends, playing soccer with my team, and hanging out with my cat. I am passionate about helping the community and acting against social inequality. I wanted to become a Student Voice Consultant because of my passion to fight for what is most ethical for all people. I wish to represent all that have less of a voice or role within BCE to ensure that everybody remains happy. I am so grateful that I have been given this opportunity to enable all of my hope and dreams to promote egalitarianism can come true.

Picture11 (2).pngKeirehn - Hi everyone! This is my first year as a Student Voice Consultant. I am extremely keen to be with a great group of people and be able to voice change within our schools. I'm invested in the wellbeing and treatment of people in our community, and I believe this role puts me in a position where I can really make a difference. I am also interested in football and basketball and just being with friends. I hope that this year, positive changes will be able to be implemented into schools in Brisbane. 

Picture12 (2).pngLillie - Hello! My name is Lillie, and I am an enthusiastic, creative minded student. I am honoured to be given this opportunity of being a Student Voice Consultant! My interests are: fashion, makeup, and the arts! I love watching movies and musicals, drawing and painting, listening to music and singing. I love to express myself, these passions of mine help me do so. I’m also passionate about making real, beneficial changes in our school communities. In my role as a Student Voice Consultant, I wish to ensure safety and inclusivity in all BCE schools, making sure no student gets left behind. I am dedicated to speaking up for others and making sure everyone’s voices are heard. I am an advocate for individuality and expression, as school should be a place where everyone should feel welcome and safe. 

Picture14.pngMeleah - Hello, my name is Meleah, but my friends call me MJ. A currently attend a fairly new school and as a foundation student I have been nominated and accepted as the first “Maroochy” house leader. As a consultant I wish to collaborate with you all in order to better the BCE community. I have been dancing since I was 2 years old and like maths, baking and interior designing. See you soon! 

Picture15 (2).pngSaesha - Hello, my name is Saesha. I have interests that include Visual Art, Film, Photography, watching movies and having fun with my family and friends. I am very passionate about causes that relate to the environmental and social injustices around the world. As a Student Voice Consultant, I strive to speak up for the voiceless in the BCE community making it a place where everyone - no matter their background, ethnicity, or beliefs - can feel welcome and supported. I hope in 2021, we as a team can create the momentum that will activate that change for a brighter tomorrow. 

Madina.jpgMadina - Hello! I'm Madina and am in yr 12. My favourite subjects are Study of Religion and Modern History. In my spare time, I love researching historical figures and learning about how they contributed to our lives today. I'm passionate about helping the marginalised and shedding light on the realities of the minority experience within our community. As a BCE Student Voice Consultant, I aim to be the voice for those who are usually silenced. I hope to create a school environment where all students feel valued and furthermore, contribute to the success of their schools. ​

Immaculate.jpgImmaculateHola, My name is Immaculate. I am currently in grade 11 and I am ecstatic to be a part of the student voice team for 2021. I love dancing (Afro-dance especially), reading, listening to music and especially hearing stories others have to tell. I am passionate about learning about different cultures and languages as well as human rights and equality. As a Student Voice Consultant for the second year, I hope to help build an atmosphere where students can feel accepted, happy and contribute to make schools more enjoyable and engaging learning environments.