Operation Activating Student Ideas


Operation: Activating Student Ideas​ is a special a​gent themed resource that uses the philosophy of student voice to empower students to engage in conversations about safety in their school, giving them the opportunity to take responsibility and act to co-create safe school communities


Teachers engage as Field Support Agents, guiding students through a series of mission objectives with the ultimate goal of implementing a safety solution in the local school context. From investigative surveys, mission logbooks, through to listening to headquarters top tech guru, students access a range of learning resources to help them reach their goal.

Audience: ​

Operation: Activating Student Ideas is designed for primary school students in Years 5 and 6.

Two Missions:

  1. Mission: Safety Warriors: Students investigate priority safety worries discovered through safety-based discussions. They use a range of tools and processes to develop a persuasive digital pitch to convince other students to vote for the top 1-2 safety worries in the school.
  2. Mission: Changemakers in Action: Students focus on finding solutions for the 1-2 top safety worries identified in Mission: Safety Warriors. They investigate a range of solutions, decide on one, create a prototype, gather feedback and finalise their solution. They then LAUNCH it in their school community.

Curriculum Links:

Operation: ASI was developed with the guidance of an external Education and Leadership Consultant, the Student Voice Advisory Team and in partnership with staff from the Learning Services Directorate. This resource presents opportunities to link to the Australian Curriculum, particularly in relation to Health and Physical Education, Media Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences as well as the General Capabilities.


This resource  has been designed for flexible delivery to meet individual school contexts. Examples of delivery options include:

  • 1-year delivery: One mission per semester​
  • 2-year delivery: One mission per year​

Activating Student Ideas Documentaries