Festival of Ideas - 2022


The festival theme for 2022 centered around "Wishes for Education: a hope-filled focus on building upon what works well, to make BCE schools even better for all students."

This theme aimed to foster a positive outlook and inspire improvements in our educational community by building upon existing successes and learning from them to create an even more inclusive and enriching school environment for every student. 


Student Wishes for Education

​ *Click the image below to read Festival of Ideas 2023 report*

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Why FOI matters to BCE Staff:​



You are invited to Read the Festival of Ideas report: 

  •  Read and share the Festival of Ideas 2023 report with a friend and others in your community
  • Consider how the FOI Report findings in this report and how it applies to you in your context
  • Progress and start conversations in your school about ideas for improvement​.
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Have a question or are interested in joining our Student Voice Representative team:

Questions can be directed to voice@bne.catholic.edu.au