Festival of Ideas - 2020


Priority issue for action in 2021:  STUDENT MENTAL HEALTH  

Action Plan Topics:

Delegates formed Action Team to focus on 1 of 5 student identified issues. Each t​e​am developed an Action Plan and pitched their ideas to other delegates and members of BCE Leadership. ​Delegates then voted in their top priority for action in 2020 - Mental Health!​


Click here to access the Mental Health Action Plan.pdfMH2.PNG


Click here to access the Safety Action Plan.pdfSafety 2.PNG

Belonging Website Banner 2.PNG

Click here to access the Belonging Action Plan.pdfBeloning Image.PNG

Student Voice Banner.PNG
Click here to access the Student Voice Action Plan.pdf


Click here to access the Learning Action Plan.pdf

Check out the photos from the 2020 Festival of Ideas here​.​​