Developed by BCE Student Voice Consultants in response to a student-identified priority, More2ME... is a professional learning package for secondary school educators aimed at sharing the unique student perspective on effective ways to support student mental health and wellbeing. Recognising the powerful role of educators, More2ME... highlights the:

  • critical need for students to feel understood, recognised and accepted​image 1a.PNG

  • importance of opening dialogue with students on their lived experience

  • necessity of seeking student input into their own mental health, as well as whole of school wellbeing strategies.


The More2ME... resource contains:

  • 6 x videos featuring BCE secondary students talking from their own and other’s perspectives

  • Key point points for each video

  • Reflection questions for consideration

  • Links to free external evidence-based resources from Be You

Video Topics






Hear directly from students about the importance of mental health and the powerful role educators play in reducing stigma of mental illness, promoting wellbeing, and providing support.


The World of a Student

Students give insight into their lived experience, what it's like to be a young person and the challenges of balancing different aspects of their life.


Connections & Relationships

Students highlight the importance of connections with staff in helping them feel seen and known in the school community. They provide practical strategies on how staff can build safe connections and balance professional boundaries. 


Creating Safety & Belonging

Safety and belonging is critical to learning. Students share strategies on how schools can overcome the challenge of making their community safe for all students (particularly those from diverse backgrounds) so that everyone feels a sense of belonging. 


What Makes a Go-To Teacher

Students highlight the important role that educators can play in providing support and enhancing student wellbeing. They provide advice on the qualities of a go-teacher that enable students to reach out and seek support


Support Me

Students give insights about what educators can do to effectively support their mental health and wellbeing. They highlight ways to engage student input on how to respond to the needs of individual students, as well as ideas for school-wide wellbeing strategies.

How to use this resource​

The More2ME... resource is designed to allow for flexible delivery. It can be:
  • completed by individual staff members

  • facilitated by school leaders with staff or other members of the school community.





Review the More2ME Handbook to understand the background of​ More2​ME..., its purpose and how it was developed by Student Voice Consultants.

Determine your preferred approach to deliver More2ME (e.g., twilight sessions, staff meetings, lunchbox sessions, pastoral care meetings)


Read the More2ME Handbook (Resource Overview) to understand how to use the resource and identify the learning content available

Review the More2ME Handbook to understand the background of More2ME, its purpose and how it was develo​ped by Student Voice Consultants. Read the section “Resource Overview" to understand the:

  • Video purpose

  • Key points

  • Reflection questions

  • Links to Be You resources.


Watch each video and consider the key points raised. Answer the reflection questions.

Watch each video and plan your approach. Consider the key points and possible answers to reflection questions. Determine which Be You resources and tools you may like to use to deepen staff professional learning*.


Explore the curated Be You resources to deepen your learning*

Facilitate More2ME session/s with your staff group.  

BCE Staff: Access iLearn Instructions to all​ocate learning hours for teachers at the bottom of this page.


Consider what steps you might take to action what you have learned from students within More2ME. 

​Complete the Evaluation Form

Consider next steps the school may take to action student suggestions shared in More2ME.

Connect with your school's free Be You Consultant to implement a whole learning community approach to mental health and wellbeing at your school.

BCE Staff: To locate your school's Be You Consultant connect with your school's Education Officer - Student Wellbeing

​Complete the Evaluation Form​

*Links that refer you to a Be You, Module or Domain will require you to register an individual account with Be You.


The More2ME… Resource

The More2ME Resource contains the following:

  • More2ME... Handbook

  • More2ME... Videos

  • Evaluation Form (BCE Staff only)

  • iLearn Instructions for faciltiated groups (BCE Staff only)


Cover 2.PNG

more2ME... Handbook​


VIDEO 1: Introduction​

VIDEO 2: The ​World of a Student 


​​VIDEO 3 Connections & Relationships
​VIDEO 4: Creating Safety & Belonging


VIDEO 5: What Makes a Go-To Teacher
VIDEO 6: Support Me


EVALUATION FORM (BCE STAFF ONLY) : Please complete the Evaluation Form following completion of the More2ME.... resource​​


To facilitate allocation of professional learning hours for teachers iLearn representatives in each school are requested to create a 1-hour course titled More2ME Mental Health Training. Assistance in creating the course can be obtained from Sue Martin, Learning Management System Administrator | Organisational Development.  If you have already created a course, and not named it correctly, please contact Sue Martin who can rename the course.